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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gift #600- Super Twins- 11

We celebrated Sam and Macy's 11th birthday with Hibachi and two amazing birthday cakes!  Happy Birthday Sam and Macy.  We love you both so much!

Gift #599- Hoppin' John

This year, our neighbor Ellen, made us some delicious Hoppin' John for New Years Day.  We had celebrated in the past with black-eyed peas and corn bread, but this was new for us.  We learned that Hoppin' John is a New Years Eve South Carolina tradition.  There are many stories that surround it, but my favorite one involves the Gullah people.  Apparently, there was a Gullah family here on the islands back in the late 1800's.  When the wife made this dish, her husband John, always came a Hoppin'.

Gift #598- A New Year! 2017

 We rang in the New Year with style and just about all of the junk food we could afford.  

Only Macy and Henry made it to midnight!  They toasted with orange floats and sippy cups!

Gift #597- Being Street Legal

Watch out world!  This ain't no learners permit!  Its the real thing!  Congratulations Jack!  
ps-  slow down on the growing a little won't ya?  Your moms heart can't take it.  :0)

Gift #596- Early Christmas Morning

This is one one of my very favorite moments of the whole Christmas season-  early Christmas morning before the kids wake up.  So peaceful and lovely.  This year, Christmas fell on a Sunday.  It was nice to wake up, let the kids open a gift,  and then head out the door to spend the morning with church family and to sing the songs and hear the stories of Christmas.  Beautiful!