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Friday, June 03, 2016

Gift #564- National Donut Day

Did you know that February 3rd is National Donut Day?  Hank says that every day in our house is National Donut Day!  Agree!  Run out to Dunkin' Donuts today.  It is your duty as an American citizen to celebrate this delicious national holiday!

Gift #563- A Baseball Award

Jack received the highest GPA Award at his High School Sports Awards Banquet.  We won't go into the fact that he did not invite me to the banquet.  Cause that is a whole different story.  One that I could go on and on and on about Jack!  Good Job on the award though!  :0)

Gift #562- My Big Boys

Look at these boys!  They are playing at Grace AME Chapel with the ensemble from BCOB.  Proud Mama!

Gift #561- Coastal Skills Weekend

 I had the opportunity to attend a Coastal Skills Clinic at Hunting Island State Park!  I learned a lot about crabbing and fishing and even cast-netting!  I even held a snake!!!!  Jack said that I was hard core!  Yes!  I had a great time with some wonderful ladies and am proud of my new-found skills!

Gift #560- A Successful Surgery

 Bo's right hand before surgery!

 Bo's right hand a few weeks after surgery!  He was so excited when the doctor took off the cast!  He counted his five fingers and smiled so big!

 Bo getting ready for surgery.  All smiles!

 Bo LOVES to look at pictures of his bones.  
So I thought that I would just add these pictures for him to remember!